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Information on Appeals

Appeal for transfer (serious medical conditions ) :

    • Students may request for school transfer out of Fajar Secondary School due to serious medical reasons only. Parents / Guardians will need to submit their appeal by 23 December 2020, 12.00 pm. Parents can email their appeal request to Mrs. Yee Pei Ping (Year Head)  and supporting documents via the school email :  fajar_ss@moe.edu.sg.
        Include the following information:
        1. Students’ name
        2. Primary school
        3. Parent’s/Guardian’s Name:
        4. Relationship to child
        5. Contact number of parent/guardian
    • If you wish to transfer to another school, you will still need to fill in the registration form as Fajar Secondary is the posted school. You will need to approach the school you wish to transfer to for the procedures.
    • If you wish to appeal for a transfer into Fajar Secondary School, please click on the following link or QR code to complete the Appeals Form: