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FJS Subjects Offered

Humanities & The ArtsMathematics & Sciences
Life Skills
Chinese (E, NA, NT)

Chinese B (E, NA)

Higher Chinese (E)

Malay (E, NA, NT)

Malay B (E, NA)

Higher Tamil (E)

Tamil (E, NA, NT)

Tamil B (E, NA)

Humanities-Social Studies &
Geog (E, NA)

Lower Sec Geog (E, NA, NT)

Upper Sec Geog (E)

Humanities–Social Studies &
Hist (E, NA)

Lower Sec Hist (E, NA, NT)

Upper Sec Hist (E)

Social Studies (NT)

Lower Sec Literature (E, NA)

Biology (E)
Chemistry (E)

Physics (E)

Sci-Chem & Bio (E, NA)

Sci-Phy & Bio (E, NA)

Sci-Phy & Chem (E, NA)

Lower Sec Sci (E, NA, NT)

Science (NT),

Character & Citizenship Education (E, NA, NT)  

Physical Education (E, NA, NT)
English Language (E, NA, NT)Art (E, NA, NT)
Mathematics (E, NA, NT)

Additional Mathematics (E, NA)

 Elements of Business Skills (NT)Principles of Accounts (E, NA) 
 Lower Sec Music (E, NA, NT) 

Upper Sec Music (NT)
Design & Technology (E, NA, NT) 
  Computer Applications (NT) 
  Food and Consumer Education
(E, NA, NT) 

Food & Nutrition (E, NA)

E –     Express Course Curriculum
NA –   Normal (Academic) Course Curriculum
NT –   Normal (Technical) Course Curriculum