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Principal's Message


2020 has indeed been a most unusual and challenging year for all of us! I’m proud to say, though, that as a school, we have successfully overcome the many challenges. I believe the key to our success is the strong culture of care undergirded by positive teacher-student relationships (TSR), where our teachers go beyond their duty of care to guide and support our students.

We seek to develop in our students the necessary character traits that will help them to do well in the 21st century. This will enable them to be in a position of choice upon graduation. At the same time, we endeavour to have FJ-ians enjoy their schooling in their years with us. FJS believes that every student can succeed notwithstanding his background. 

Our learner-centred programmes see students undergo bridging programmes in relevant subjects, after-school remedial programmes (called HOPE) and attend small group consultation sessions. We offer Subject-Based Banding (SBB) in the Lower Secondary and Out-of-Stream subjects in the Upper Secondary. We also provide opportunities for students to participate in academic competitions at the cluster, zonal and national levels.

We believe that every FJ-ian is a leader-learner who is able to contribute to his or her family, school, community, nation and beyond. Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) adopts an integrated student leadership approach and is guided by our ‘Educate-Encourage-Empower' framework, designed to systematically develop students’ leadership competencies.  Every student in FJS is also provided with multiple opportunities to contribute meaningfully to our community.

It takes the whole community to raise the leader-learner. We invite each and every one to journey with us as we strive to provide an enriching and meaningful school experience in FJS so as to develop leader-learners of character who contribute to family, nation and beyond!

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Doris Ho

Fajar Secondary School