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initium novum – new beginning. Indeed 2018 promises to be a wonderful year and new beginning for all of us at Fajar Secondary School as we have just moved back into our upgraded school campus at Gangsa Road, with a newly-constructed Administration Building and beautiful Library, a well-equipped Indoor Sports Hall and upgraded Multi-Purpose Hall with expanded classrooms. These facilities provide us with a most conducive environment for learning and growth in all the different domains – intellectual, physical, aesthetic, moral-social-emotional and leadership. We are very grateful to staff of Kwan Yong Construction Co Pte Ltd for their hard work and competency in making our campus so beautiful! I look forward to all of us responsibly enjoying our facilities as we conduct our many meaningful programmes to develop every FJian to be a Caring and Empathetic Leader who learns and contributes to the family, school, community, nation and beyond!

This year marks another first for Fajar Secondary School as we fully roll out our revamped Applied Learning Programme (ALP) on ‘Sustainability in the 21st Century’, whereby we have extended our GCE Science curriculum to include special STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) applied lessons that develop our students’ Scientific Thinking and Engineering Design capabilities, as well as their 21st Century competencies in Inventive and Critical Thinking. Through these exciting hands-on ALP lessons, our students learn how to approach everyday issues in life (eg. managing waste) with a STEM mindset and use modern technology, eg. 3D printers, to find practical solutions to these problems, including converting waste into useful products and making customised thimbles that increase water efficiency.

Likewise, our Learning for Life (LLP) programme on ‘Community Youth Leadership’ has grown from strength to strength. Beyond our Leadership Series workshops that seek to develop leadership competencies in every student, our LLP provides opportunities for every student to demonstrate leadership in caring for our community. Two such key programmes include our:

        • Inter-Generational Programmes, where our students learn to effectively care for the elderly and younger peers; and 
        • ‘Record-Breaking with a Cause’ projects to benefit the community, such as collecting shoes and raising funds for the needy through our Soles4Souls project ‘Walk the Talk’ in 2017. In 2018, we will be collecting clothes for the Clothes4Souls project to wear out poverty.

Amidst all these exciting programmes, we continue to refine and improve our academic & CCA programmes and Enrichment programmes.

All these are possible because of our fantastic team of teachers and staff who work hard and have tons of ideas to value-add to our students’ experience. A big thank-you also goes out to our enthusiastic students who have made teaching them a joy, and to our FJS Parent Support Group and parents for your supportive partnership as we work together to nurture our children to their fullest potential. We also appreciate our FJS SAC and Alumni and many curriculum & community partners for their unstinting efforts in partnering with us to provide the best education for our charges. We also want to specially thank our Gangsa neighbours for your patient forbearance over the many months of construction work and for the teething problems that you may encounter as we move back to our upgraded campus.

Fajar Secondary School is a school which has come far, and we look forward to continuing to serve actively our community and beyond.

I would like to wish one and all a very Happy New Year and a blessed 2018 ahead!

Warmest Regards,

Ms Doris Ho

Fajar Secondary School