2023 Greenridge Secondary School.

Dear parents and students,

Fajar Secondary School and Greenridge Secondary School will merge in January 2023. 

Please click on the LINK to view the ALP (Applied Learning Program) and CCAs offered in the 2023 merged school.

DMA : After School DMA Parent option.

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Photograph(s) or video image(s) of students or their parents/legal guardians/family members may be taken during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, CCA, school camps, or school concerts. The school may use and publish such photographs or video recordings in school publications, the school’s website, social media channels, or other communication channels. 

Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is an initiative by MOE to enable parents to interact with schools more conveniently on administrative matters. With this mobile application, you will also be able to use this mobile application to stay updated on school’s programme and activities.

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Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)

Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), an online learning platform created by the Ministry of Education that contains curriculum-aligned resources and learning tools to support our students in their learning and nurturing them to be future-ready learners. Click here to read more.

For Parents

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